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FAQ / Waxing

How should I prepare for waxing? 

Exfoliating often the week leading up to your wax appointment will surely prepare your skin. Make sure you drink lots of water, coming to your appointment well hydrated. Taking anvil / panados half an hour prior to your appointment will help ease the pain. 



Retin-A / Accutane / Renova - these medications increase the rate at which your skin exfoliates so waxing could potentially left the skin resulting in scabs in the coming days. AVOID all waxing while on Accutane and for a miniumum of 6 months after coming off the medication or consult your dermatologist about when to proceed. 


Can I get waxed while on my period? 

Absolutely. Just be aware that you may be more sensitive during that time of the month. We recommend using a tampon during treatment. If your flow is heavy on the day, rather postpone your appoint a day or two later, for your comfort. 


How long does the hair have to be grown out? 

The hair needs to 1/4 inch / 1cm long. 


Can I get waxed if I am pregnant? 

Absolutely. Some expecting mothers experience heightened pain sensitivity during waxing due to hormonal changed; this is normal. Consult your physician should be unsure or for futher question before your wax. 


Should I trim before I wax? 

Don't worry, be hairy. If the hair is too long, we will trim it. Remember, the longr the hair, the easier it will be for the wax to pick it up. 


How often should I wax? 

Facial areas 2-4 weeks

Underarms 2-3 weeks 

Bikini / Hollywood. 4 weeks 

Other body parts 4-6 weeks 

* Everyone is different, this is a guideline

FAQ / Lash Lift

What is a lash lift? 

A lash lift is a process of curling your natural lashes so they appear longer and lasts through your natural growth cycle - 8/12 weeks - even after showering or swimming. A techhnique combining a lifting solution and silicone rods is used to lift your lashes, making them look longer with virtually no aftercare required. 


How should I prepare for a lash lift? 

Please come with a clean face, especially no eye make up. Opt in for your glasses over your contacts for the appointment.


Is a lash lift the same as a perm? 

No, the lash lift is a new, improved procedure, overcoming the 'over curled' look of its predecessor. While the chemical procedire is identical to a perm, the difference is in the results.



The following conditions are recognized as contraindications:

- Eye infections

- Recent eye surgery 

- Allergy


- Pregnancy - 1st trimester 

- Medication